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Krispy Kreme Swot
When it comes to strategic management, a SWOT analysis is an important tool for management to use.  It allows them to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats compared to their internal and external environments.  When it comes to Krispy Kreme, their SWOT analysis showed some interesting points.  Some of their strengths were great brand recognition, centralized manufacturing, effective supply chain management, and the “donut theatre” experience.  When it comes to brand recognition, everyone knows who Krispy Kreme is and what they do.  From a marketing standpoint, this is very a very important hurdle to jump, because companies won’t survive if consumers don’t know who you are.  Centralized manufacturing and effective supply chain management allows them to vertically integrate all aspects of the business “in-house”, which lowers costs for them.  The “donut experience” is important because it allows consumers to have fun and see their food is made fresh.
    Even though they have some strength’s, they have some heavy weaknesses.  One is a decline in sales and a heavy debt to equity ratio.  This scares investors form investing in them which would give them the resources to move into new markets.  The single product focus is probably their biggest weakness, because these types of companies only last for a little while.  You have to diversify a little to survive.  Slow movements into international markets has been a big problem, because their competitors already started over seas, but Krispy Kreme has failed to do so, resulting in lost market share.  Finally, the idea of rapid expansion has hurt them, because they forgot about the stores they already have, which results ...
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Business Functions And Sustainability

Each department within a company presents an opportunity for economic, social and environmental improvements. Many of the ideas to reduce environmental impacts directly coincide with cost savings and improved levels of efficiency. Advancements that occur in one department can often be felt throughout the entire organization and each department is equally important in the life cycle of a product.
The most important step in making improvements to the manufacturing and engineering of a product is mapping out how the product or products are produced, from the idea conception to the end-product. Successfully mapping the product allows analysis of each aspect of the process enabling the proper identification of environmental impact reduction, waste reduction, time improvements and opportunities for cost savings.
he creation of the product should allow the product to be remanufactured, repaired for continued usage, reuse and 100% recyclable. This includes the cardboard, office paper and wood pallets, as well as materials that are specific to the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process should be tracked for each product within the plant to look for immediate energy, input and water reductions. Creation of the product should occur in a sustainable fashion, requiring less water, energy and resources. Resources should be non-toxic, renewable and acquired in a sustainable fashion....

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